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Unlock the power of seamless reference verification with Veridaq.com. Our platform revolutionizes the way organizations and individuals handle reference checks through secure and verifiable claims.


Why Veridaq.com?

Efficiency: Say goodbye to time-consuming reference checks.Veridaq.com streamlines the process, saving you valuable time.

Reliability: Trust in the authenticity of verifiable claims. Our platform ensures the integrity of the information exchanged between entities.

Cost-Effective: Cut down on costs associated with traditional reference checks. Veridaq.com offers a cost-effective solution for your verification needs.

Easy and Secured Access: Veridaq.com breaks down barriers to background information access within a secured framework.


Verifiable Claim as-a-Service

Work Reference: Facilitate a verifiable work review issued by the organisation to an employee's or independent contractor's (past and current) The review detail could contain work history, roles, accomplishments and/or recommendations.

Recommendation/Individual Reference: Facilitate an Individual-to-Individual verifiable reference on work relationship/review or professional recommendation.

Membership Reference: A verifiable badge on the membership referencing the relationship between the issuing Organisation/Institution/Association and the individual.

Studentship Status Reference: This is the issuing institution's verifiable claim infrastructure to seamlessly facilitate its current Studentship Status Referencing.

Document Verification Reference: Facilitate the authentication of a document genuineness at the click of a button with a verifiable reference.


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