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Verifiably document and automate HR check on Hands-on/Work Experience, Accomplishment and Recommendation.

Unlock the power of seamless background information check with Veridaq.com. Our platform revolutionizes the way organizations and individuals handle HR information verification with secure and verifiable reference.


Verifiable Reference as-a-Service

Work Reference: This Veridaq function facilitate Work Reference request by a employee/freelancer/industrial trainee and its issuance by a workplace/employer to verifiably document and reference the engagement (work experience/history), accomplishments and recommendations records between the individual and the organisation.

Individual Reference/Recommendation: This Veridaq function facilitate the request and Issuance of verifiable recommendation or an individual reference on the knowledge of another individual's competence, personality and accomplishments.

Hands-on Experience Reference: This Veridaq function facilitates Hands-on Experience Reference request by an Industrial Trainee/Gig-Worker and its issuance by a Training Organisation/Workplace to verifiably document and reference the practical training/ engagement (hands-on learning/work experience) and accomplishment records between the individual and the organisation.


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