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Automate Your Reference Checks with Verifiable Claims.

Unlock the power of seamless reference verification with Veridaq.com. Our platform revolutionizes the way organizations and individuals handle reference checks through secure and verifiable claims.


Why Veridaq.com?

Efficiency: Say goodbye to time-consuming reference checks.Veridaq.com streamlines the process, saving you valuable time.

Reliability: Trust in the authenticity of verifiable claims. Our platform ensures the integrity of the information exchanged between entities.

Cost-Effective: Cut down on costs associated with traditional reference checks. Veridaq.com offers a cost-effective solution for your verification needs.


Verifiable Claims for Every Relationship

Work History Veridaq: Seamlessly verify work relationships between organizations and employees.

Individual Reference or Recommendation Veridaq: Obtain verifiable references or recommendations between individuals.

Membership Veridaq: Establish proof of relationships between organizations or associations professional bodies and the members

Studentship Status Veridaq: Verify current studentshipstatus claim automatically

Document Verification Veridaq: Ensure the genuineness ofd ocuments through verifiable references.


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